Ready to adopt a simple and easy technique that will help your teams manage stress during our "new normal"? 

Breath Work @Work is a practical and effective tool everyone can use every day. 
A perfect addition to your Corporate Wellness and Mental Health Initiatives.

Your executives and employees are living in extraordinary times.

help them de-stress with these easy-to-learn breathing techniques.

Let's face it. As we have grown up in life and work, no one has ever talked about the importance of breathing properly until now - especially now that people are undergoing such enormous stress.

Your teams are working different hours in different places, juggling projects, work, home, kids, and COVID-19 concerns.

The best way to support them during these challenging times is to help them manage their stress and anxiety–in the moment when it happens. We all have something within us that can help ease worries and calm nerves.

However, everyone from the high-energy executive to the bubbly receptionist may not be taking advantage of the innate ability we have to let go of work (and life) pressures.

Breathing correctly to diffuse stress is something most people have to learn.

Our approach is different. And it’s one that can have a long-term return on individual wellness, productivity, and bottom-line results.

Refocus. Recharge. Refresh and De-stress.

Discover how doing just a few minutes of functional breathing a day can calm and ground you.

In moments where stress takes hold, your employees have the power to de-stress no matter where they are. 

Our customized webinars support your people to quickly learn and implement easy ways for them to manage anxiety and achieve wellness at work. In fact, you and your team can experience both short-term and long-term benefits.

We work alongside your HR or health and wellness team to coordinate and plan – tailoring your webinar to the needs of your organization.

You’ll find us very knowledgeable, approachable and easy to work with. Plus, we like to inject a little humour here and there where appropriate!
Bite-Sized Learning That Fits Busy Schedules
In our 50-minute lunch & learn webinar, “Hack Your Breath: Discover How Using These Simple Steps Can Change Your Life”
You'll Learn: 
  • The 5 myths of breathing and an overview of the effects of poor functional breathing when people are working
  • The 2 essential strategies for using breath to calm down in the moment, no matter what is happening
  • How to use Breath Work @ Work to boost morale, maintain and increase productivity
You'll Walk Away with: 
  • A greater understanding of how breath is connected to stress and anxiety and the effect the autonomic nervous system has on mental and physical performance
  • The #1 way to stop the fight or flight response in its tracks
  • A plan for engaging your team to help them make Breath Work @ Work benefit them and your company.

Meet the Experts

After a combined 50 years in practice caring for individuals from all walks of life, we saw a deeper need to help those in organizations manage the untold amount of stress that is occurring as work/home lives have melded together.

It is our mission to provide key strategies and resources to your executives and employees who are navigating through major change so you can create a happy, healthy, and engaged team for your business.

It all starts with a simple breath.

Dr. Paul Sly

 B.Sc., D.C.
Partner, Arnprior Chiropractic Health Centre
Corporate Wellness Trainer
Oxygen Advantage Certified Instructor
Professional athlete wellness consultant

Dr. Nathalie Beauchamp

 B.Sc., D.C., IFMCP
Owner, Sante Chiropractic Health & Wellness Centre
 Corporate Wellness Trainer
 Author of Hack Your Health Habits
 Seasoned Radio and TV Personality

“During these turbulent times, employers are seeking strategies to help their employees manage stress, stay healthy and maintain peak performance. Having Dr. Sly train your people will yield an amazing ROI.”

 Denis Cauvier, CEO at Dr. Denis Cauvier Seminars International

The doctors who make virtual workplace “house calls”

As a leader, your team looks up to you to guide and support them in their roles. Think of our Breath Work @ Work training as the perfect adjunct to building your corporate wellness culture initiatives. We make it simple, easy and effective.

Our virtual training options are accessible to everyone. 
  • There is no special equipment or knowledge needed.
  • ​People can tune in on any device whether they’re in the office or working from home.
  • ​ Our unique approach works for everyone – essentially, we help you meet your employees where they are at so they can feel calmer and confident while carrying out their work duties every day.


What is functional breathing?
Functional breathing (FB) is learning to breathe in sync with the way our body’s anatomy and physiology was designed. It respects the proper movement of the breathing muscles, especially the diaphragm (biomechanics) moving a volume of air that maintains the delicate balance of carbon dioxide and oxygen (biochemistry) at a pace that encourages a calm alert state of the autonomic nervous system (psychophysiology). Many breathing techniques focus on only one of the three components, especially biomechanics, and sacrifice the other two. All three are equally important.

How can functional breathing decrease stress?
Our autonomic nervous system (our body’s automatic functioning) is made up of a parasympathetic or calming component, and a sympathetic or exciting component. Functional breathing shifts our autonomic nervous system to the more calming, relaxed parasympathetic dominance. Think about it. If you are breathing fast and hard, are you able to relax? And conversely, if you are breathing slow and light, are you likely to be stressed? Practicing functional breathing trains us to shift more easily into the relaxed state.
Is it easy to implement in daily work life?
Anyone can learn to breathe functionally anywhere, anytime and without anyone in proximity even being aware that you are doing breathwork. You might do 5-10 minutes of a more focused practice in the morning really concentrating on your breathing. Then with a little initial training as you go about your day you can be breathing functionally in the background which will supercharge your concentration and focus. You can integrate some simulated altitude training into a walk or any other exercise you may be accustomed to doing (and already taking that time out of your day). Add more functional breathing practice at bedtime and get better sleep!

How many minutes per day are required to see results?
Just 2-3 minutes of practice every hour or two can provide substantial health benefits. Accumulating an hour a day of customized breath exercise integrated into activities you are likely already doing can fundamentally change your life!
What should I expect to see as changes - or feel better?
- Reduced breathlessness
- Increased physical performance
- Better focus and concentration 
- Better posture and core engagement 
- Lower stress response and greater resilience 
- Better immune function
- More quality sleep
- Better digestion

Discover how to break the cycle of stress and anxiety at work.

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